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5 June 17

Exclusive: Christian Super launches Brightlight business

Insourcing investments may be in vogue, but there is one superannuation fund heading in the opposite direction, by setting up funds’ management and consulting businesses with the aim to outsource its portfolio. While other asset owners have setup investment arms that have morphed into fund managers over time, such as QIC in Australia or Hermes […]

30 March 17

Christian Super launches new business helping to meet demand in impact investment

In the first of its kind in Australia, superannuation fund Christian Super has set up Brightlight as a service to asset owners who want to access the impact investment marketplace. For close to a decade, Christian Super has developed strong in-house expertise in the running of its impact investment portfolio. Having completed 17 deals in seven […]

27 March 17

Response to “A Coming of Age for Impact Investing”

The benchmark data results are both tantalizingly insightful and frustratingly inconclusive. For years I, along with many others in the emerging field of impact investment, have been suggesting that impact investing has something to offer for fiduciary investors’ portfolios. We have argued firstly that you can find attractive risk-return characteristics in at least parts of […]

26 March 17

Impact Profile – Tim Macready

Tim Macready Chief Investment Officer Christian Super For a number of years, Christian Super has been an impact investing leader in the institutional investment space. Much of this work has been lead by the organisation’s Chief Investment Officer, Tim Macready, who talks to Impact Investing Australia about the superannuation fund’s experience with impact investing and […]

25 March 17

How can more investments become impact investments?

Although light hearted and welcoming, Amit Bouri, CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), left the audience at the 2016 Investor Forum in Amsterdam in no doubt as to the size of change he was looking to see in the world. “The challenges the world faces are very real, very powerful and very urgent. […]